TutorialMastering the Art of Hook Writing: 13 Tips and Examples from 100,000+ Follower Creators

Hooks are the unsung heroes of writing, often underestimated but vital to the success of your content. If you want to captivate your audience and ensure they read your entire piece, mastering the art of hook writing is crucial. In this blog post, we'll explore 13 practical tips and real-life examples that will help you craft attention-grabbing hooks that stop the scroll and leave your readers hungry for more. Whether you're a seasoned writer or just starting out, these strategies will elevate your writing to new heights. Are you ready to make your words impossible to resist? Let's dive in!

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Why are hooks such an overlooked aspect of writing?
Because unless your hook is engaging, the rest of your content won't be explored.
Remarkably, 80% of readers only skim the initial line.

Here are 13 strategies and examples to design a hook that will grasp readers' attention:


  1. Identify and Offer Resolution.

Pinpoint the issue. Deliver the resolution.

Example: Your hooks are ineffective in preventing readers from scrolling. Here's the remedy.


  1. Yes-No Questions.

These types of questions provoke interest.

Example: Did you jump on the Crypto bandwagon too late?


  1. Open Questions.

Open questions stimulate conversation. They are excellent for forming an engaged readership.

Example: Should we consider investing in Gold?


  1. Be Concise.

Avoid verbosity. Superfluous words result in wasted time. Begin with a significant word. Then be succinct.

Example: Improved hooks. Enhanced engagement.


  1. First 3, Last 3.

People have limited time. They browse. The first 3 and the last 3 words are crucial.

Begin with impact. Conclude similarly.

Example: (13 Hook Formulas) Which Helped (Expand My LinkedIn Network)


  1. Narrate Your Journey.

People connect with individuals! Relating your experience is a wonderful method to bond with your audience and gain their trust.

Example: My insights about viral content after writing daily for 2 years on LinkedIn.
Extra points: Include a number in your hook ;)


  1. Elicit Interest.

People are intrigued when confronted with a cliffhanger - they yearn for more! This concept is highly effective for hooks.

Example: How This LinkedIn Post Boosted My Followers By 66%


  1. Propose A Challenge

Everyone appreciates a good dare (like writing daily for a month!). This makes proposing a challenge an irresistible hook.

Example: Can your hook withstand the online writers' examination?


  1. Avoid Complex Adjectives

Using complicated words doesn't increase your intelligence. Your objective as a writer is lucidity. Your readers can discern pretentious language.

Good example: 7 compelling hooks.
Bad example: 7 manipulative hooks.


  1. Alliteration Everywhere.

Incorporate Alliteration. Alliteration = repetition of a particular sound in successive words. It creates a rhythmic effect and aids in memory.


  1. Incorporate Numbers or Statistics

Readers are drawn to numbers. Numbers provide context and structure information.

Example: 5 Hook Strategies to Convert Scrollers into Fans
Tip: Odd numbers work best ;)


  1. Question-Based Hooks

Hooks incorporating questions beginning with "How", "Why", or "What" are quite effective. They capture attention quickly.

Example: How to Design A Hook That Halts Scrolling


  1. Project Authority

Wish to add a dash of power to your copy? Include authority as it strengthens your proposition. Your hook should convey one of two messages to the reader:

"Respect my expertise"
"I have researched and presented expert information"

Use designations, professions, time spent, prestigious educational institutions, etc. Authority commands attention like nothing else.

Example: Why this X-year old (Unicorn Startup) founder is determined to revolutionize (industry).


Summary - If all else is forgotten...

Recall: if your hook is not read, the rest of your content won't be either. It's a challenge. With so much competition for attention, most people scroll and skim.

Your mission: halt the scroll.