Don’t lose your time or mind with content creation for LinkedIn.

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Your personal AI Ghostwriter captures your writing style and helps you:

Brainstorm ideas.
Strategically plan your content.
Write meaningful, authentic posts. 10x faster.

Solopreneurs and small business owners

Do you have LinkedIn fatigue?

You spend hours creating content. Constantly second-guessing yourself and never sure if you’re doing the right thing.

And once you hit post... Crickets...

Take heart! There is a way.

Personal Branding Problem

Does posting on LinkedIn feel like a drain?

Being a solopreneur or small business owner is tough!
You know that LinkedIn is the place to grow, connect and build a trusted brand.

But you spend hours on every post (if only you were born a copywriter)
– just to get a single like from a friend.

You are constantly second-guessing yourself and the frustration grows.
LinkedIn feels like a time sink, and soon the motivation dwindles.

“ContentIn is awesome. Since I started using it I'm effortlessly posting everyday. Something I never managed before. The AI is greatly accelerating my process.”

Ralf Gabler, Health Coach

Build your personal brand with ease and fun

With ContentIn you will whip out awesome, engaging posts in no time. Everytime.

🧑‍💼 Generate and nurture more leads
🗣️ Increase engagement on your posts
👁️ Increase your visibility and grow your network
🗓️ Maintain a consistent and impactful LinkedIn presence
💪 Rise above the competition by consistently providing value
⏱️ Don't lose your mind or time while doing it

“I really dig the choice of words and the overall format in which the posts are created. It has a human feel to it rather than AI generated.”

Supraket Meshram, Videographer / CEO
Inbox user interface

Your audience deserves more than generic posts. Connect with content that truly resonates

AI trained to write in your own voice

Post written by ContentIn
Now •
☕️ Mornings are sacred to me. (And I protect them ferociously.) Here is my simple routine: - Get up before everybody else. - Drink water, grab a coffee. - Put on headphones. - Connect with my goals. - Work on my most important task. The reason is simple: 🧘 Zen. I want flow and undistracted focus. I only get it if I shut out all distractions. Yes, even conversations with my family. If I manage to get up early enough, I have finished my most important task anyway and can join them for breakfast with my 2nd cup of coffee. How you show up for your job in the morning matters. What does your morning look like? #Startup #LinkedIn #PersonalBranding #ArtificialIntelligence ✍️ with #ContentIn more
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❤️ What our amazing users say:

“ContentIn is awesome. Since I started using it I'm effortlessly posting everyday. Something I never managed before. The AI is greatly accelerating my process.”

Ralf Gabler
Health Coach

“I have already scheduled 14 posts yesterday. Big thumbs-up! The app really makes writing posts a lot easier for me”

Jannik Lidner
Co Founder

“I really dig the choice of words and the overall format in which the posts are created. It has a human feel to it rather than AI generated.”

Supraket Meshram
Videographer / CEO

“Nicely automated. I'm really happy ❤️! I have also already written many posts with the AI - it works super well”

Sabine Will
Resilienz Coach

“I tested out 3 tools in December to up my LI game: Taplio, AuthoredUp and ContentIn - and yours is by far my favorite. Your AI Assistant is the best AI I've seen so far for LI content creation.”

Pilar Suquilvide
Head of Client Account Management

“I was really eager to start writing since the structure was already prepared for me. :-)”

Melanie Lirk
Business Coach

“Every client we have shown your product to loves it. So much so, that they are asking, that we make it a core part of our programs.”

Isaac Anderson
Agency Owner

“I am absolutely blown away by my first post. I think I have already fallen in love a little with Conti. But please don't tell him yet. 🤣”

Julia Dembowski
Social Media Consultant

“The new Ghostwriter is just amazing!”

Georg Schmidt
Public Speaking Consultant

Find the plan that fits your LinkedIn needs.


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14-day free trial
30-day refund policy on 1st payment



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  • Team plans

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Loved by users, audiences, and the LinkedIn algorithm.

Personal AI Ghostwriter

Helps you plan and write engaging content in your voice. No more writer‘s block, no more second-guessing

Viral Template Library

The best performing posts on LinkedIn follow a structure. We have them. And they are loved by audience and algorithm alike.

Posts Scheduler

Plan your content ahead of time. No more stress, just memorable content in the right time.

Add images, GIFs, videos and carousels

No LinkedIn post is complete without it. Add yours. LinkedIn‘s algorithm and your audience will love you for it.

Endless Idea Generator

No more staring on a blank page. Always have a thought to share, in endless ways.

Post Analytics

Know what works and what doesn‘t with the post analytics. Hone down on what gives results.

Schedule comments

Handy for many things: Increase engagement, add a link, give out your lead magnet.

Idea manager

Got an idea? Save it in the idea manager for the next time you need it.

Create ideas from URLs

Pop in any url like a website or blog post and ContentIn will create multiple post ideas for you based on the content.

Repurpose posts

A post went viral? Re-purpose it and reap the sweet effect of It again.

Quote image creator

Quickly create a post image with your quote and avatar to capture more engagement.

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