TutorialHow to write a potentially viral LinkedIn post in under 10 minutes

Isn’t it frustrating when you see the awesome content other people write, and you think “why can’t I do that”? Thankfully, you can say goodbye to that forever and start writing beautifully crafted posts with our awesome template library.

Getting a viral post is super hard. Why not make it a little easier for ourselves and find some inspiration from awesome copywriters and their posts.

To get you going, we have an ever-growing library of high-quality, viral posts that we template so you can reuse them for your own topics.

Here is how to use them:

  1. Start a new post
  2. Find some inspiration or select an idea
  3. Choose “Add template”
  4. Find one of our curated viral posts templates
  5. Fill in with your topic and boom!

Watch me do it in about 5 minutes: