TutorialHow to never run out of post ideas with ContentIn

Ever hit a wall when trying to write a post? It's hard having to come up with new posts every day. That is why we have built an awesome piece of AI to help you out and generate endless inspirational post ideas about your topics for you.

Here is how you can use the AI to create an endless well of post inspiration:

  1. Move over to the idea section. (btw: This is where you can brain dump all your post ideas to write them later with ContentIn)
  2. Click on "Generate Ideas"
  3. Enter a topic you want to write about and select a writing style
  4. Hit "Generate post ideas"
  5. Select all the ideas you like and hit the "Save" button

Did you get a few inspiring headlines you liked? If not, maybe try a different writing style, improve your topic description or simply hit "More ideas" to generate more alternatives.

If you feel super inspired, just click on one of the ideas to get right into writing mode. If you need some more help, try combining this idea with a template or the AI Writer via the "+ New" & "Post" Button in the top right.